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WhiteWing Dental: Reopening For Healthy Smiles

WhiteWing Dental: Reopening For Healthy Smiles

Keeping with Texas state recommendation and Federal guidelines, the family dentists and staff at WhiteWing Dental are happy to announce that the offices in McAllen and La Feria will be open for business on Monday, May 4.

.Normal hours will resume, and we are now accepting appointments. Our clients’ health is always WhiteWing Dental’s #1 priority, and we are committed to following the safest practices for our patients, now and always. To this end, we have invested in new equipment and implemented new processes to ensure that our patients and our community can visit our office safely. 

Read below to learn more about some of the ways we will be adjusting our protocols and procedures to meet the essential safety standards our visitors expect, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the extra precautions taken by our team during this time, feel free to call our McAllen dental offices today at (956) 686-5577.

We are Dedicated to Keeping You Safe

During this global crisis, it’s never been more clear how important it is for all of us to do our part to help humanity as a whole. Many of us are doing all we can to self-isolate to slow the spread, and this responsibility shouldn’t be taken lightly. At WhiteWing Dental, our McAllen dentist will be taking a variety of added precautions to help keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe:

  • Enhanced Phone Screening — This tool will help us identify and assess the symptoms of illnesses.
  • Outside Check-In We will be following a new procedure of outside check-in and temperature checks to help avoid spreading any contaminants.
  • Outside Waiting To avoid contact, patients will be asked to wait in their cars.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse Every patient will be asked to rinse their mouths with a 1.5 percent hydrogen peroxide solution before examination or treatment.
  • iWave Air Purifiers We have installed new, state-of-the-art air purifiers that rely on “needlepoint bi-polar ionization” to treat the air in our offices. These purifiers are specifically made to ensure a clean environment free of mold, bacteria, and, most importantly, viruses. 
  • DryShield Isolation Our offices will be using DrySheild isolation systems, awarded five years running by the Dental Advisor, as an all-in-one “high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield, and oral pathway protector.” This highly effective tool was designed by dentists, for dentists, and ensures patient safety while reducing procedure time.
  • Enhanced PPE PPE, personal protective equipment, has been all over the news recently and for good reason. PPE is the key to keeping medical professionals and our visitors safe. Our offices are fully stocked with this absolutely essential equipment and will be following state and federal guidelines to the letter.

WhiteWing Dental: Looking Forward to Serving the Rio Grande Valley Again

Right now, we all have to do our part for our communities, and WhiteWing Dental would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the essential workers, emergency workers, and medical professionals doing their part to keep all of us safe.

While it’s true that self-isolation is important, life continues. Dental issues are still happening, and oral healthcare is still important. If you need a checkup, have an emergency, or have any other dental concerns, our McAllen and La Feria family dentists will be ready and eager to help you.

Schedule a dental appointment at our safe, clean, and caring offices for any of your oral health needs today.

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