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What To Do With a Chipped Tooth

Sometimes life just happens! You bite down on some hard candy or get hit in the face with a baseball during a game, and the next thing you know you’ve got a chipped tooth! The good news is, you can rely on your McAllen family dentists to take care of you and protect your health after you chip a tooth.

After you chip a tooth, you might not be sure about what to do next. Read on to learn some helpful hints for follow-up care, and remember to reach out to your dentist if you do chip a tooth!

Steps to Take With a Chipped Tooth

Whether you chipped your tooth while eating or in a bike accident, there are a few steps that you can take as soon as the chip happens.

  • Find Out if it’s a Chip or a Crack —  The chip or crack in your tooth may be visible if it’s one of your front teeth. If the affected tooth is in the back of your mouth, use your finger or tongue to feel around the concerned area. You may notice unusual sensitivity to cold or heat. 
  • Call Your DentistCall your dentist’s office and let them know what happened, and schedule an appointment. The sooner the better!
  • Rinse Your MouthRinse your mouth with warm water to flush out any food or other debris. This will also help to slow any bleeding you may have.  
  • Floss Food in your teeth can irritate the affected tooth. We don’t want any infection to set in due to harmful bacteria from stuck-on food!
  • Eat Soft FoodsEat softer foods, and chew on the opposite side of the affected area. Applesauce, soups, and yogurts are great soft food recommendations, and it also makes a great excuse to dig into some ice cream as well! 

At-Home Chipped Tooth Pain Relief

A chipped or broken tooth can be incredibly painful! While waiting for your dentist appointment, you have some at-home pain relief options that you can use for temporary relief. If the suggestions below aren’t working for you, your dentist may have ideas for more significant pain relief:

  • Ice — Apply ice to the outside of your face on the affected area. This can reduce swelling and pain. 
  • Over-the-Counter Medications — Over-the-counter medications can reduce pain and inflammation. Be sure to use the suggested dosage.
  • Dental Wax — Dental wax can be found at department stores or pharmacies. You can place this clear wax onto the sharp edges of the chipped or cracked tooth to prevent further damage to your tongue or gums. 

Treatment Options for a Chipped Tooth

Treatment options for a chipped tooth depend on the location and severity of the chip. If the chip is small, you may only need a simple treatment. However, larger or deeper chips may require more substantial treatment:

  • Bonding
  • Crown
  • Root Canal

Bonding is a simple procedure for smaller cracks. However, if your chip ends up being a crack, your dentist may suggest a root canal. Whether the chip is big or small, your dentist will have treatment options to take care of your tooth. The McAllen Dentists at WhiteWing Dental offer an extensive list of treatment plans. 

Chipped Teeth Got You Down? Never Fear for Your WhiteWing Dentists are Here!

Chipping your tooth is never fun. However, calling and scheduling an appointment with your dentist directly after an accident can help speed up your recovery process, and at-home remedies can help you relieve your pain and discomfort while you wait for treatment.

Reach out to the team at WhiteWind Dental today to learn about our treatment options, or schedule your regular dental cleaning and check-up!

Have a tooth that is chipped or cracked? Don’t put that pain off another day! Contact WhiteWing Dental for an appointment today!

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