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The WhiteWing Value: Uplifting Families One Smile At A Time

There’s a phrase the WhiteWing Dental team lives by – “Uplifting Family Dentistry”.

Now, to the outsider, this may sound like any other slogan. But to our families and our team, it is three simple words that ring true.

When founder Dr. David Gray talks about “uplifting”, it’s easy to see how the word carries more weight than one might first understand.

Uplifting Experiences

To  begin, there are the uplifting experiences families have when visiting our dentists in McAllen and La Feria.

We know how nerve-wracking a visit can be, especially if it’s been some time. Find comfort in knowing that our staff is trained to provide a nurturing and caring environment to help ease your tensions.

The same goes for your little ones.

It’s true. It can be quite intimidating having a stranger invade your personal space. Staring into your mouth. Using “scary” instruments.

That’s why we’re dedicated to improving our relationship with you and your family at every visit. We want you to be comfortable. We want to build your confidence in us. We want you to know that you can trust us for your dental needs when you need us most.

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That’s why you’ll constantly find our very own Dr. Gray and Dr. Rivas checking in on you and your loved ones. We’re not one of those huge corporate dental offices with 20 different dentists whose names you’ll never remember. We work hard to provide you the personalized care and attention that your family deserves.

And that means having dentists who you’ll actually get to know by name.

But the “uplifting” doesn’t end there.

Uplifting Your Health

Did you know your oral health is truly important to the overall health of your body?

We understand the connection between the two and believe that by caring for your teeth, we serve a greater purpose. Your mouth, and the condition of your teeth, provide a glimpse into the quality of your general health.

Diseases often become apparent because of oral problems or lesions. Issues such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and long-term gum infections can result in the loss of teeth. But that’s not the worse that can happen.

Growing research continues to point to a correlation between oral health issues and serious health conditions. Studies suggest that long-lasting gum infections caused by bad oral health can contribute to:

  • Issues with controlling diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Increased risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Preterm child delivery
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While we know avoiding the dentist can cost you a hefty price, we also understand it can difficult for some families to find a dentist that can meet their needs.

At WhiteWing Dental, we are proud of our ability to offer services to special needs patients of all ages, as well as sedation dentistry.

Not every dental office is able or willing to offer these types of services. We have multiple dentists with sedation certifications, as well as the ability to perform larger operations in a hospital setting with the assistance of an anesthesiologist.

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We want to keep your smile bright, your teeth healthy, and your body strong.

Uplifting The WhiteWing Dental Team

Any team worth their dental explorers is going to push themselves to continue learning and growing in their profession. At WhiteWing Dental, we no only want to provide uplifting experiences and healthy smiles to you, but we want to also want to boost our own skills.

Take for instance Dr. Gray, who completed the Dental Implant Continuum at Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry,  just a few months back.

Our goal at WhiteWing Dental is to provide families with the best value for the most comprehensive set of services. That’s why we constantly work on becoming the best possible dental office that we can by uplifting our own knowledge.

You and your family can come into our office knowing that we will provide an expert opinion so that you can make an informed decision about your own health care. We answer your questions honestly, even if that means you choose not to go with us.

We value your time and the effort you make when choosing WhiteWing Dental, that’s why we are as compassionate as we can be to make sure we are providing true care.

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