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Start 2020 Off with a Bright, Beautiful Smile

Did you find yourself covering your smile throughout 2019 due to insecurity? Have you noticed staining, dullness, or yellowing of your teeth? 

You are not alone.

In a study conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA), researchers found that 1 in 3 adults don’t smile in public due to insecurity with the appearance of their teeth.

Your eyes (and teeth) are the first thing people see when they meet you, and the start of the new year (and decade) is the perfect time for you to treat yourself to a professional dental whitening procedure. 

At WhiteWing Dental, your smile is our priority. With our extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, our McAllen dentists can help you to have a bright, healthy-looking smile in only one office visit. 

Common Causes of Stains & Yellowing

You may not be aware of it but your habits can potentially be the cause of the yellowing and dullness of your teeth. Some of the biggest culprits of staining include:

  • Coffee – A hot cup of joe in the morning is always a good pick me up. However, avoid drinking directly from a cup, as coffee can easily stain your teeth. Instead, use a reusable straw to keep your morning coffee in your life, just without the stains.
  • Wines – Another cause for the yellowing, staining, and dullness of your teeth is the consumption of wine. The pigment in wine – especially red wine – is very potent. When it touches the enamel of your teeth, the pigment can easily stain your enamel. Not only does wine stain your teeth, but the acidity in them can also lead to the erosion of your teeth.
  • Berries – While packed with antioxidants, berries can cause staining when eaten regularly. Avoid having too many at once or you are likely to see an increase in tooth discoloration.
  • Tomato Sauce – Whether you eat tomato sauce with pasta, on your pizza, or mixed in with Mexican-style rice, tomato sauce causes yellowing and staining of the teeth. Tomato sauce is also acidic, which can lead to the erosion of your enamel, leaving your teeth more porous and susceptible to staining. This, in combination with the highly pigmented sauce, increases the yellowing of your teeth.
  • Tobacco – Not only is tobacco use dangerous for your overall health, but it is also one of the leading causes of yellowing and stained teeth. Smoking causes plaque and decay to build up at alarming rates, while 30 different chemicals like tar and ammonia damage your teeth.

Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth at WhiteWing Dental 

While it is best to avoid substances that can cause discoloration and dullness, merely avoiding these substances is not enough to restore the original color of your teeth. 

The following are a few benefits of getting a professional whitening at WhiteWing Dental:

  • Safety – There are hundreds of at-home teeth whitening products for sale, but some can contain harmful chemicals that can do more harm than good. When a professional dentist whitens your teeth, he or she will only use products approved for whitening to preserve optimal tooth health.
  • Personalization – When you have your teeth whitened by a WhiteWing cosmetic dentist in McAllen, your whitening treatment is personalized. You can select which shade you would like your teeth to be, while the dentist ensures the safety of your treatment through a careful selection of whitening agents.
  • Fast and Comfortable – Getting your teeth whitened somewhere else can eat up a lot of your time and comfort. When you choose WhiteWing Dental, we ensure you get the best service available. Each treatment is done in one appointment, where your wants and needs are our priority.
  • Long-Lasting Results – Unlike drugstore options where you have to apply toothpaste or set of whitening strips continually, our whitening treatment is long-term. After treatment, the results will last much longer than traditional at-home treatments, which means a fuller, happier wallet and happier you. 

Make your Smile Brighter by Visiting Your Cosmetic Dentist in McAllen Today

Leave smile insecurity in 2019, and say hello to confidence with beautiful pearly whites in 2020. We all know that smiling is good for us, so stop hiding your smile any longer.

Contact us at (956) 686-5577 to schedule your whitening treatment appointment today.