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Smile Confidently This Holiday After a Deep Dental Cleaning

Maintaining your smile can help you feel most confident and ready for the holiday season. You may be reuniting with loved ones and friends, and trying to capture every moment with photographs. However, stained or imperfect teeth can stand in the way of a gorgeous smile. 

A visit to your dentist for regular cleanings can help to remove the plaque buildup but if necessary, a more extensive cleaning known as a deep dental cleaning can be performed.

This procedure is also called gum therapy, or “root planing and scaling.” In a deep cleaning, the dentist will work to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the gum line. Individuals who have not received a regular cleaning for six months most likely will need a deep dental cleaning. 

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The Difference Between a Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Our mouths have plenty of plaque-causing bacteria. Even with regular flossing and brushing, plaque can still build up in the small crevices within our mouth and around our teeth. 

Bacteria and food mix to make plaque, and that plaque turns into tartar. Each day, plaque and tartar can build up at the gumline. Gingivitis, or red and swollen gums that are sensitive to the touch, can occur if the gums are not cleaned and treated properly. 

Typically, a minimum of two visits are necessary to complete the root planing and scaling treatment. Your dentist or hygienist can best determine if this type of cleaning is necessary through x-rays and pocket depth cleanings. 

Are Deep Dental Cleanings Necessary?

A deep dental cleaning can combat gingivitis and prevent periodontal disease by removing the hard to reach plaque that has been accumulating at the root of the tooth. If your dentist or hygienist finds evidence of a deep infection, they will let you know and will break down the treatment process to you. 

A healthy gum pocket is around 3mm. When infected, the gum tissue will deepen to 5mm and more. The plaque and tartar buildup lies in these pockets, and eventually, periodontal disease can occur if not properly treated. 

This disease makes the gums weak and unable to support the tooth, which can result in tooth loss. 

Schedule a Deep Dental Cleaning Before the Holidays

Regular dental cleanings serve to maintain your dental health, whereas, deep dental cleanings seek to restore it and prevent detrimental dental disease. If you are suffering from tender, swollen, and bleeding gums, see your dentist today.

By maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and getting regular dental cleanings, you are improving your dental and overall health.

Be smile ready this holiday season by scheduling your next dental cleaning with the attentive La Feria family dentists of Whitewing Dental. Reach us today at (956) 797-3131.


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