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Protecting Your Teeth This Holiday Season With WhiteWing Dental

The time has come yet again to indulge in wintery treats! From eggnog to candy canes, we put our teeth through a lot this time of year. And that’s alright! We deserve to enjoy the holiday season!

With friends and family gatherings around the corner, we know that oral health is probably the last thing you want to worry about. Thankfully, taking care of your oral hygiene doesn’t have to be another holiday stresser! Read on to learn some easy tips that you can follow to keep your smile jolly and bright this holiday season from your La Feria family dentist.

1. Brush your teeth after eating sticky foods

This should be a no-brainer, but sticky foods like fruitcake, hard candy, and caramel can really do a number to your teeth. This can be especially troublesome for those with crowns, braces, dental implants, or other cosmetic dentistry. To prevent cavities or staining, we recommend you brush your teeth after any sticky or particularly sweet-filled treats. Speaking of staining, be sure to

2. Use a straw

Using straws helps to prevent any staining or darkening of color from drinks like coffee or cocoa. The straw protects your teeth, especially your enamel, from coming into contact with the dark liquid- keeping your smile jolly and bright!

3. Drink Water!

Not only is staying hydrated great for your skin, mental health, and overall well-being, but drinking water after eating a sugary snack can rinse out the bacteria that cause acid to form in our mouths, thus resulting in tooth decay. By drinking water, we can keep our teeth in top-notch shape this season!

4. Cheese, please!

After you’ve indulged in your share of sweets, stop by the charcuterie board for some oral-health boosting benefits! Studies show that cheese can neutralize plaque acid and increase saliva production, helping to naturally regulate the pH in our mouths. Plus, cheese is high in calcium, which is great for your bones- even the ones in our mouths! The calcium along with the phosphorus contained within the cheese helps to remineralize your teeth, keeping them strong and healthy. Who knew?

5. Don’t forget about us!

We understand that the holidays can be a time-consuming stressful time in everyone’s life, but please make sure to attend any child or adult dental care appointments you may have scheduled. 

A regular cleaning with a general dentist along with maintenance for orthodontics can really make a difference in your oral care! We also recommend scheduling an appointment with us or a dentist near you this coming new year so that we can all smile brighter in 2022!

Keep Your Christmas Smiles Bright With WhiteWing Dental

This season, WhiteWing and all of our team members want to wish you and yours happy holidays. As you enjoy the season with some delectable holiday treats, give your La Feria and Harlingen dentists a great gift by taking a moment to value your dental health. 

This winter, keep your teeth shiny and bright by following the tips above, and reach out to our team today to schedule your regular dental visit.

To protect your dental health and brighten your smile, reach out to WhiteWing Dental today to schedule your regular visit!

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