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Protecting Braces During the Holiday Season

If you have braces on during the holidays, chances are you’d like to indulge in a treat or two. Although there are foods that are safe to eat with braces, there are some you should steer clear of in order to protect your braces.

Protecting your braces during the holiday season can ensure that you stay on track for your treatment timeline and get one step closer to a straighter smile!

Learn how you can protect your braces during the holiday season from your McAllen dentist.

Foods To Avoid

The holidays are centered around food — and lots of it! Although it’s nice to indulge during this time of year, you have to be careful to protect your braces from damaging foods.

Some foods you should avoid during the holiday season are:

    • Crunchy Foods

Crunchy foods can be the biggest culprit of wire and bracket damage. Some crunchy foods to be on the lookout for include extra crunchy pizza crust or bread, pretzels, ice, nuts, and nutty toppings.

    • Sticky Foods

Sticky foods can pull on your brackets and cause a great deal of damage. It’s best to stay away from anything sticky or chewy including caramel, toffee, taffy, and any other chewy candy.

    • Hard Food

Hard foods can be rough on your braces. Foods to steer clear of include veggie platters, hard candies, peanut brittle, and candy canes.

It may feel like you’re missing out on a lot of your holiday favorites this year because of your braces. Just remember that you won’t always be in braces, and you’ll be able to chew on those candy canes once again.

In order to get the best results for your braces, you need to protect them, especially during the tempting holiday season!

Take Proper Care of Your Braces During the Holiday

Before, during, and after the holidays, it’s important to take proper care of your braces. Without daily dental hygiene, you risk pushing back your treatment timeline. To properly take care of your teeth and braces this holiday season, make sure you:

    • Brush at least twice a day or after every meal if possible
    • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride
    • Floss at least twice a day — use a floss threader if you’re having difficulty getting between teeth, brackets, and wires

If you’re traveling over the holidays, don’t forget to bring the necessary tools to protect your oral health. Many people with braces need to have extra rubber bands on hand in case the ones they have on break.

Other tools such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss should come along with you for the holidays.

Protect Your Braces With WhiteWing Dental

A lot of work and upkeep goes into having braces. At WhiteWing Dental, we want our clients to get the best results they can from braces. To do so, your braces will require great dental hygiene and protection from damage.

If you’re going into the holidays with braces and aren’t sure how to properly protect them, see your McAllen dentist for answers! Once you see those straight, pearly whites, you’ll be glad you did!

Schedule an appointment today with your McAllen dentist at WhiteWing Dental to get the best care possible for your braces!

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