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It’s Not Too Late! There’s Still Time For A Back-to-School Check-Up

Did you enjoy a nice road trip this summer? Or did you have an amazing staycation enjoying all of the local amenities in the Rio Grande Valley?

Regardless of how you spent the last few months, The WhiteWing Dental team hopes you and your children have had a wonderful summer.

It’s a bit sad to say, though, that the new school year is nearly here. While the hustle and bustle of summertime might have kept you away from the dentist, there’s still time for a back-to-school check-up.

Taking care of your child’s teeth is very important as “children with poor oral health are 3 times more likely to miss school because of dental pain”. And, of course, excessive absences can lead to bad grades.

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Let WhiteWing Dental help to identify and fix any potential issues before your kids head back to class.

Here’s what you can expect at a WhiteWing Dental check-up:

When you visit our family dentistry in McAllen – or our newly opened dentist office in La Feria – you can expect a thorough check of your child’s teeth. We examine every nook and cranny to make sure that everything is as it should be.

A back-to-school dental check-up at WhiteWing Dental will include:

  • Oral Exam: No need to worry. This isn’t a pop quiz. Our dentists will perform a number of essential exams that will focus on your child’s teeth and gums. We make sure everything is developing as it should and that teeth are lining up properly. We even check the status of baby teeth and can uncover the need for future orthodontic care.
  • Dental X-Rays: We’ve all heard that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That goes for teeth as well. X-rays will let our WhiteWing dentists get a closer look at teeth development. With x-rays, we can spot cavities, tooth decay or any issues that need addressing.
  • A Good Ol’ Cleaning: Our favorite part of the check-up, your child will receive a good tooth cleaning. Even if your child brushes and flosses regularly, there’s still nooks and crannies that bacteria love to hide in. That’s why we go into every crevice and hard to reach place for an awesome cleaning that will leave teeth white and gums healthy. And if there’s some anxiety about cleaning, our dentists in McAllen offer sedation dentistry services to help calm your little one.
  • Taking Care of Problems: If we should run across any cavities or dental issues that need immediate action, our dentists can take care of them right then and there (or at another date if necessary). Our McAllen and Los Fresnos dentists can apply fillings or sealants to help protect your child’s teeth from further damage caused by the cavity.
  • Don’t Forget About Sports: With school starting up again, your child might be interested in joining a sport. While exercise is always encouraged, protecting your child’s smile is just as important. Our WhiteWing Dental team can provide you with some input and insight to help you make the best decision on mouth guards and other protective gear. We don’t just want them to win. We want your child’s smile to shine brightly when they score.
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A Few Back-to-School Dental Tips:

A dental check-up is only a part of the plan for a healthy smile. When your child leaves our offices, they have to maintain good oral health care routines to keep their pearly whites shining. And parents…they’ll need your help.

Once the school year starts don’t forget these dental tips:

  • The school year can get hectic with class, homework, extracurricular activities, and the likes. But keeping up with daily brushing and flossing is important. Carry a travel tooth care kit with you if possible in case you are on the go but need your child to get some dental care in. This is especially helpful for pre-teens and teens with braces.
  • Sports and other activities are definitely going to keep your kiddos hungry. But that shouldn’t mean they survive on candies and sweet snacks. Pack them plenty of healthy items including grains, milk, cheese, fruits and veggies to keep them satisfied and their teeth strong. This goes for after-school snacks as well.
  • Once again, those mouthguards are going to be essential for our athletes. You can purchase one at a local big box store or ask our dental professionals at WhiteWing Dental what some other options are.

Start the new school year on the right foot by bringing your child to WhiteWing Dental!

We know that your schedule might be a bit hectic as you prepare the kids for going back to school. But you shouldn’t let your child’s oral health come in last.

There’s still some time left to visit your favorite dentists here at WhiteWing Dental in McAllen, and now, La Feria. Our pediatric dentists are amazing with children and will work hard to give them a confident, beautiful smile as the new school year begins.

Contact WhiteWing Dental today at (956) 686-5577 to schedule an appointment at one of our dental offices in McAllen or La Feria.

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