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Keeping Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the current circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic requiring families all over the world to stay home, our daily lives have been put on hold. Unfortunately, in terms of dental health, this also includes routine checkups with your local dentist.

However, that doesn’t mean you should put oral hygiene on hold, either. In fact, it is now more crucial than ever to brush and floss properly and on the regular. Your trustworthy McAllen family dentist at WhiteWing Dental want to remind you to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and fresh during these times of uncertainty with these 4 tips.

1. Keep the “Quarantine Snacking” to a Minimum

It is imperative that you maintain a healthy diet while staying at home, and this also means having self-control when it comes to the urge to overly consume snacks throughout your days out of stress and boredom. 

Try to steer clear of foods or beverages rich in starch and sugars, as they can lead to the development of acid in your mouth by bacteria feeding on it, which can potentially dissolve the enamel of your teeth. As for beverages, try not to overindulge in drinking with this free time, as too much alcohol can dry out your cheek and gum cells and can cause dry mouth, which can also promote bacterial growth.

Avoid eating non-fiber carbohydrates and processed foods, as they can produce a buildup of plaque. Consider it a way to protect your teeth, and, of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated for the sake of your oral, and overall, health. 

2. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Toothbrush and Bathroom

Make sure to take care of your brushing environment. Changing your toothbrush frequently–roughly every 3 to 4 months–helps prevent bacteria from spreading while ensuring that you are brushing your teeth in the most effective way possible. 

Considering the fact that we also keep our toothbrushes in our bathrooms, make sure to constantly clean the surfaces in your bathroom, and wash your toothbrush with warm water and place it away from other toothbrushes in an upright fashion to allow it to properly dry. This further helps prevent the spread of viruses like the flu and possibly COVID-19 as well.

3. close Your lid When Flushing the Toilet

It’s important to be aware of where you normally leave your toothbrush. Whenever you flush, an aerosol spray comes out and can fly out of your toilet and get on your toothbrush. 

Fecal matter has been recently discovered to exist containing the virus and can contribute to its spread, according to research conducted by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC).

With that being said, your best option is to make sure your toothbrush is a fair distance away from your toilet, and to close the lid when you flush altogether. Healthy gums better your attempts in fighting COVID-19, so you want your floss and brushes to be clean and secure. 

During a global pandemic such as this one, you want to strengthen your immune system in every way imaginable, and a healthy mouth free of infection aids the body’s immune system to combat foreign illnesses. 

4. Stay Clean with Good Oral Hygiene

We understand that your day-to-day schedule is being interrupted lately, but there is no excuse to stop putting effort into maintaining the most efficient oral hygiene routine. Keep up with the basics like brushing your teeth at least two times and flossing once every day.

Having proper oral hygiene each day can go a long way in efforts to prevent long term oral health problems that can also hurt your wallet in the future. The more effort you put into keeping your mouth and teeth healthy now, the less you will have to do down the road in regards to keeping your brilliant smile.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy During These Uncertain Times

At WhiteWing Dental, our team wants patients like you to continue focusing on maintaining your best oral health throughout this time. The health and well being of our patients, staff, and the community is our top priority. Stay safe while using this time to keep your teeth, mouth, and smile healthy as well.

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