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It’s That Time of Year Again! Here’s How to Beat the Back-to-School Rush.

The school year can be a very hectic time for parents to wrangle up their children from busy school schedules to get the proper dental care they need.

Clean, bright, and strong is how your children’s teeth should be, and the Laredo family dentist of WhiteWing Dental will be happy to help brighten and strengthen your children’s teeth for the new school year. 

Aside from perfect teeth, new clothes, and new gadgets, the rest of the summer season is also a good time to start preparing for the coming school year. 

  1. Fix Those Sleeping Schedules

Most children in the summer don’t have a set sleeping schedule like they did during school. Staying up late and waking up late is all a part of summer vacation.

But after two months of random sleeping times, it’s important to get your child back on track. A couple of weeks before school starts, get your child to bed early enough so that they can become accustomed to waking up early in the morning with a full eight hours of rest. 

Don’t forget to remind them about the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth before they go to bed and when they wake up to cut down the development of plaque.

Practicing a good sleeping schedule with proper dental care will leave behind no hassles when school starts.

  1. Create a Calendar for the Family

The school season is very busy time of the year. With so much to do, you may forget important after school activities or dentist appointments, so having a family calendar can help everyone remember what is going on that particular day.

In addition to being helpful in remembering particular events, a calendar can also help you keep track of your child’s homework and upcoming tests. 

  1. Set Up a Homework Station

Homework may not be the most fun thing about school for your children, but it must be done to expand upon their learning.

It may seem like children would rather do anything else than homework sometimes, but if you have a homework station set up, it may help them focus on completing it in a timely manner away from all of the distractions. 

As an added benefit, homework stations often have plenty of room for your children’s homework and a plate full of healthy snacks like apples or carrot sticks to energize their brains and clean their teeth. 

  1. Prepare Medical and Contact Information for the School 

Gather together a list of your child’s allergies and emergency contacts. You never know what can happen in school, and it’s always important to have someone to pick up your child in the time of need.

Having a list of allergies will help teachers to know what they can and can’t give to your child to avoid any accidents.

A list of emergency contacts can enable teaching staff to call you or someone you trust should an accident like a chipped tooth or a broken bone happen. 

  1. Visit WhiteWing Dental 

The first day of school is when everybody has their new outfits on with new shoes and combed hair, but one feature that everyone notices first about a person is their smile.

Be sure to visit us this summer before school starts for a thorough cleaning so that your children’s pearly whites can sparkle on their first day.

Our experienced pediatric dentists are ready to clean and repair your children’s teeth for the new school year. Contact our Laredo family dentist from WhiteWing Dental at (956)-797-3131 to schedule an appointment today.