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iTero Element Intraoral Scanner: Only the Best (and Newest) for WhiteWing Dental Patients

If you’ve ever had to get Invisalign aligners, braces, dental crowns or veneers, then you know the uncomfortable process of getting a mold of your teeth. Traditional methods involve using impression materials like alginate which have a goopy texture to them. For many patients, it is an uncomfortable but necessary process to improve their smile when they are undergoing a necessary dental procedure.

 Although using impression materials has been a standard method for some time, thankfully, advances in technology have led to a much more comfortable, faster, and accurate solution – the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner.

At WhiteWing Dental, our McAllen dentists are taking full advantage of this cutting-edge technology so that your journey to a gorgeous smile is even better than before.  

 Exactly What Is the iTero Intraoral Scanner?  

iTero is a new digital intraoral scanner that allows our McAllen dentists to capture clean and crisp images of all elements and materials found in your mouth. The beauty of this new tech lies in its ability to take impeccable impressions of your teeth while eliminating the need for traditional impression materials that can be messy and uncomfortable for patients.

 The iTero scanner is used for a variety of orthodontic treatments including veneers and Invisalign aligners.  

The iTero scanning process uses radiation-free laser technology in the form of a handheld wand that is used to take photos from inside the mouth. It only takes about two or 3 minutes to create a perfect 3D impression of your teeth. During the process, you are able to view the 3D model of your teeth through the digital software’s computer screen.  

Why Patients Prefer iTero Versus Traditional Dental Impressions 

There are two main benefits of using the iTero scanner that patients love. First is the comfort aspect of it. Patients often feel discomfort with traditional impressions and some have an especially difficult time with the molding process due to anxiety around dental procedures or strong gag reflexes. Digital impressions eliminate this issue and make it comfortable enough where you can talk or even sneeze during the scanning process without distorting the accuracy of the images. 

The second most frequently noted benefit for patients is the speed in which it allows the entire process to be completed. The scanning process only takes about 3 minutes. iTero eliminates the need to wait for any x-rays or for a dentist’s interpretation of x-ray results. Meaning you’re in and out of the office much faster and can return to your busy schedule faster than you can say “WhiteWing Dental.” 

Another great benefit iTero scanning offers patients is that not only can appointments be faster, but the tech also helps to speed up the entire waiting time for the development of your dental product. 

With the traditional impression process, a dentist had to send off x-rays and wait for the development of the dental product. The iTero process eliminates the delay in communication between your dentist’s office and the lab developing your device because the images scanned are sent instantly.

Our own Dr. Gray here at Whitewing says “Typically before (iTero) when I would send crowns to the lab it would take about 2 to 2 ½ weeks for them (crown) to come back. Now it sends an email directly to the lab and they start making it that night. I did a crown preparation on a Monday, and I was putting that crown in on Thursday.”

If you are considering Invisalign, veneers, implants or if you need to get crowns, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with your friendly family dentist in McAllen at WhiteWing Dental. 

Contact us today at (956) 686-5577. We are equipped with the iTero system to make your experience comfortable and speedy.

image Sorce: http://www.itero.com/en