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How To Pick the Right Dentist for Your Child In Five Simple Steps

From their first steps to their first day at school, watching your child grow is exciting and is filled with new experiences. Throughout their childhood, you will need to make decisions to protect your child’s health, and that includes finding the right dentist to meet their needs!

By the time your child reaches six, their baby teeth will start falling out, but long before this happens, it’s best to already have a relationship with a La Feria family dentist. If you’re unsure who to choose, keep reading to learn five tips to help you make your decision! 

1. Get a Recommendation 

Getting a recommendation from a trusted source can help you narrow down the process. The best referrals will always be from parents as they will have first-hand knowledge of whether or not a dentist is suitable for children. Other trusted sources can be people who deal with children frequently. Uncles, aunts, day-care workers, and teachers are some examples.

2. Make Sure They Have the Right Experience 

Choosing a La Feria dentist with many years of experience is best. However, you’ll also want to choose a dentist with the proper knowledge. Working with children requires a certain finesse regardless of the dentist’s credentials, skills, or experience. 

For example, a dentist may not have the skills or even the personality to handle a child experiencing extreme dental anxiety. When meeting with a potential general dentist, ask them if they have experience working with children. Some dentists might even specialize in providing dental care to children. While this isn’t essential, hiring a dentist specializing in child dental care is always a good call. 

3. Visit the Office

You’ll also want to visit the dentist’s office to get an idea of the level of customer service they provide. Some immediate considerations to make when visiting the office include: 

• How far the office is from your home
• How far the office is from your child’s school
• Does the office feel child-friendly

You’ll also want to gauge how your child reacts to visiting the dental office and meeting with their potential dentist. Although your child might not be jumping for joy upon seeing the dentist, you’ll still want to check for any signs of uneasiness beyond understandable anxiety. 

4. Consider the Long-Term

Hopefully, your child won’t need any dental care exceeding regularly scheduled dental cleanings. However, as your child ages, they might need more specialized dental care. Anything from a cavity, braces, a root canal, and more are possibilities. While this doesn’t have to be a deciding factor, a dentist or dentist’s office with specialized services can help with your decision. 

5. How Are Their Prevention Services?

The best way to protect your child’s dental health is by preventing issues from emerging in the first place. The right dentist can give you extra tools to help prevent your child from developing cavities. Dental sealants, fluoride toothpaste, and powerful toothbrushes are all examples.

A suitable dentist will also ensure your child knows the importance of brushing their teeth. Let’s face it: sometimes children like to be rebellious or simply don’t understand why something’s important. By having a trusted dentist reinforce the importance of dental care, your child might be more willing to brush their teeth and floss daily. 

You’re Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Child When You Choose WhiteWing Dental!

As a parent, you already know how important it is to look after your children’s health, but that doesn’t mean you always know how. Thankfully, there are simple steps that you can take to narrow down which options will work best for you and your family. When it comes to your child’s dentist, you’ll want a well-equipped dental professional to handle a child’s unique needs. 

To pair your child with a qualified La Feria dentist, reach out to our team at WhiteWing Dental today. Our dentists have helped countless patients throughout the years, and we are experienced helping children and patients with special needs feel safe and secure at the dentist. Schedule a dental cleaning for your child with WhiteWing to protect their bright smile!

Reach out to the team at WhiteWing Dental today to schedule your regular dental cleaning. 

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