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How Long Do Braces Take To Straighten My Smile?

When it comes to using braces to properly align crooked teeth, there’s a misconception that this procedure is merely just a form of cosmetic dentistry. While having your teeth straightened can help improve your smile and boost your confidence, there are other health benefits as well. 

Crooked, misaligned teeth can affect your ability to talk and eat, as well as cause jaw issues that can require further dental care. 

While we often associate braces with children and teenagers, adults can benefit from having braces as well. If you’re wondering how long it’ll take for braces to straighten your smile and improve your dental health, your La Feria dentists are here to answer your questions. 

How Do Braces Work? 

Before determining the treatment timeline, it’s important to understand how braces work. Dental braces are often called orthodontic brackets. These orthodontic brackets are appliances that are attached to your teeth through a type of adhesive or glue. 

Each bracket contains a slot that allows a metal wire to be passed through it. This dental wire is linked to each bracket via rubber ties, connecting all your teeth. The tension from the wire is transferred to your teeth and it is this tension that causes your teeth to move into proper placement. 

How Long Do Braces Take To Work?

The total time period it takes to straighten teeth depends upon different factors. The first factor that can affect the overall timeline is the type of treatment: 

  • Mild crowded teeth or spacing: With proper care and compliance from the patient, minor teeth crowding or spacing is usually resolved quicker than other dental issues. An average timeline is typically six to eight months. 
  • Closing small gaps: Some patients may only have small gaps in their teeth. In this scenario, your La Feria dentist should be able to close these gaps between six and nine months. 
  • Bite problems: Teeth are used for much more than improving your smile. They’re also used to bite and chew food. Having crooked teeth can make this process difficult. If you’re receiving braces to improve your bite, the process can be lengthier, and may take a year or two to fully resolve. 

In addition to treatment, there are three other elements that can impact a patient’s total recovery time. These three elements are:

  • The age of the patient. Adults typically take longer. The reason for this is that children’s and teenagers’ jaws are still developing, which makes the manipulation process easier. 
  • The patient’s compliance with the treatment. Patients that maintain their dental hygiene, listen to their dentist in La Feria, and regularly schedule appointments often have a shorter treatment time. 
  • A patient’s own uniqueness. Every patient is different and some patients may have a shorter or longer recovery period. Ultimately, the best thing to do is to keep in regular contact with your orthodontist. 

Braces Versus Invisalign

While braces are a great piece of dental technology, one disadvantage is that you can’t easily remove them. Coupled with the fact that they don’t look the most stylish, some people prefer turning to alternatives, like Invisalign. 

Invisalign can have many advantages over traditional braces, including: 

  • Being nearly invisible 
  • Allows you to take them out for eating 
  • Is easier to brush your teeth and floss
  • Requires fewer consultations 

However, two disadvantages are that Invisalign may not be the best for more complex treatment options and the patient using them must be disciplined. Consulting with a dentist in La Feria can help. 

Discuss Braces Options With the Team at WhiteWing Dental 

Braces can be a great way to straighten out your teeth, leading to a brighter smile and improving your bite. For the proper dental treatment, however, you’ll want a qualified team that can help. 

To explore if braces may benefit you or a loved one, you can reach out to our team at WhiteWing Dental today. Whether you need specialized care or want to schedule a dental cleaning, we can help. 

Reach out to the team at WhiteWing Dental today to schedule your regular dental cleaning.

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