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Happy National Smile Power Day from Whitewing Dental

June 15th is officially known as National Smile Power Day, and although it remains unclear when and how it all began, at Whitewing Dental we’re ecstatic to celebrate this amazing day with you.Did you know that smiling is contagious? It’ true! And Whitewing Dental wants to spread the love.  There’s an abundance of reasons to smile every day and the benefits are absolutely extraordinary:

Spreads joy.

Acts of kindness are well known to spread joy and that’s exactly what we do when we smile – we share our joy with those amongst us. The best part about smiling is that it’s completely free and contagious. Before you know it, everyone around you will start smiling too. Smiling is also a well-known method of communicating all throughout the world. It’s understood by everyone.

Reduces stress.

Here at Whitewing Dental we know that starting the day with a smile is way more empowering than starting it out with a frown.

When we smile, we release endorphins that help to improve our mood as well as our immune system. Plus, smiling not only reduces levels of stress hormones, it also improves our management of physical pain too. You can even relax your body, control your heart rate, and blood pressure as well.

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Smiling enhances your productivity.

A flood of recent studies has shown that when people smile regularly, they often improve their happiness, overall health, and their careers too. When we smile, others are drawn to our energy and it makes it easier for them to be work and be around us. Productivity enhances our ability to come up with new ideas effortlessly, making us appear and feel confident, likable and courteous.

Improves your health.

Smiling and laughing can be very beneficial to the lungs, boost immunity, and also help to burn off calories. When we smile, we rewire our brain to think in more positive patterns rather than in negative ones.

The more we smile, the more effective we are at breaking the brain’s tendency to think negatively. A smile can help to turn a bad situation into a positive experience, all while keeping us healthier. Another result of smiling more is a healthier heart.

Isn’t it amazing how powerful our smiles can be?

Your WhiteWing Dental team wishes everyone a beautiful National Smile Power Day.

Whitewing Dental encourages you to celebrate today by challenging yourself and those around you to smile more often. Smile every day and watch how contagious your smile becomes.

Our team of experts at Whitewing Dental understand that smiling can help to protect your health and make an unpleasant situation better. Contact our family dentistry office in McAllen today at (956) 686-5577 to make an appointment.

Visit us soon so that you can keep enjoying the benefits of smiling throughout the summer.

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