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Get Your Teen’s Smile Alignment Started This Summer

School’s out and summer vacation is officially here. Now’s the time for rest and relaxation after a long year of studying.

But let’s not get too comfy. There is plenty of time to chill but there are still some things that need to get done. Now is the perfect time to get your teenager’s smile aligned with our trustworthy dentists in McAllen and La Feria.

Our dentists have the expertise to get your teens started on a solid treatment plan that will turn those crooked teeth into a gorgeous smile with our removable custom-made aligners.

1. Scheduling

Probably the best reason to get a Smile Alignment appointment scheduled now; summer offers an ample amount of time for parents to get their teen to the dentist (including for those much-needed checkups).

We all know that getting all of those appointments done during the school year can be tough but the summer offers some flexibility. This is important, too, because Smile Alignment is not a “one and done” kind of thing either. Getting them requires a few appointments:

  1. The initial consultation with one of our McAllen dentist. During this step, we will evaluate your teen’s oral health condition and determine if Smile Alignment retainers are the right treatment for them. If everything looks good, we will take measurements, X-rays, and dental impressions that will be used to make custom-fit aligners.
  2. Once your Smile Alignment aligners are ready, we will contact you for a follow-up appointment where we will provide you the aligners and additional information regarding how to use/wear them. Please note that in order for the treatment to be effective, your teen must wear them for about 22 hours a day. Thankfully, though, the aligners can be easily removed to eat and for brushing and flossing. Every few weeks you will come back to our office for a progress check and for additional aligners as needed.

Because of this, it is important to have a more flexible schedule, and the summertime offers just that.

2. Plenty of Time for Your Teen to Adjust

Teens with crooked teeth may be self-conscious about their smile as is and any changes during the school year may hamper their focus on other priorities like school, homework, and extracurricular activities. That’s why our McAllen dentists are always happy to treat teens at a time when they are most comfortable and able to adjust to them effectively.

The earlier your teen gets Smile Alignment aligners in the summer, the more time they will have to get acclimated to them. Plus, getting the aligners requires a lifestyle change, which they (and you) might also need time to get used to.

3. Changing for the Better

Getting custom made aligners — and keeping them in good shape — requires that your teenager takes exceptional care of them. To do so, he or she must learn how to clean them, learn what he or she can and cannot eat, and maintain good oral hygiene.

The summertime provides ample amounts of time to:

  1. Establish a healthier diet – The reality is that Smile Alignment only works when your teen is taking care of their overall oral health. A diet full of sugars, treats, and sodas is going to cause major damage to teeth and won’t allow Smile Alignment aligners to do their work. That’s why a diet full of veggies, fruits, and other healthy foods is essential.
  2. Learn proper brushing and flossing techniques – Two of the most important actions your teen can take to ensure a beautiful smile, they should use summer time to really perfect the proper brushing and flossing techniques. This will help to ensure that once they are done with the Smile Alignment process, they will continue with good oral health care routines and have a beautiful lifelong smile.
  3. Feel comfortable – This comes from within. We were teenagers once, and we know how awkward things can be. The fact of the matter is that many of your child’s friends may be getting braces or other cosmetic dentistry  themselves, and the camaraderie alone could give them the comfort and confidence they’ll need to feel comfortable.

If you need any clarification on any of these lifestyle changes, our WhiteWing Dental dentist in McAllen and La Feria are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about our Smile Alignment services.

Summer officially begins on June 20. But your teen doesn’t have to wait that long to get started on the road to a gorgeous smile.

Our dental team at WhiteWing Dental are eager to meet with you and develop a plan for your teen regarding our Smile Alignment services. And the summer season is the perfect time to get started.

Contact us at (956) 686-5577 to schedule your consultation appointment.

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