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Fluoride and Your Dental Health

From poor posture to eating fast food, it’s fair to say that there are lots of everyday things out there that can be bad for our health. On the other hand, there are also loads of benefits that you can get just by living your life!

One of these naturally occurring beneficial substances is fluoride! Found in most bodies of water around the world, fluoride helps strengthen and restore your dental health — and you don’t even need to go out of your way to get it!

Fluoride is a very common mineral, but many still don’t know much about its benefits or where it can be found. That’s where your La Feria dentists come in! Read on to learn more about the wonders of fluoride.


What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a chemical that looks like a white or colorless salt when it’s not dissolved in water or foods. While fluoride doesn’t have a smell, it can have a bitter taste. We often think of fluoride in the context of toothpaste, but, as mentioned above, fluoride can be found throughout the natural world: in soil, rocks, plants, water, and even the air.

Along with its natural occurrences in rocks, rivers, and soil, fluoride is used in dental work, is a key component in Teflon products, and is also added to water supplies around the world in small amounts to improve public health. 

There are also plenty of foods that naturally pack a fluoride punch:

  • Seafood, including crabs and shrimp
  • Grapes, raisins, and wines
  • Black tea and coffee
  • Leafy greens, including spinach


How Does Fluoride Help Your Teeth?

Fluoride is so beneficial for your teeth that it’s often categorized as a cavity fighter. Fluoride is essential for strengthening enamel, and it starts to strengthen your teeth before they even grow out of your gums as a baby. Having strong enamel can make your teeth resistant to tooth decay. 

In fact, fluoride is so powerful that it has actually been shown to reverse some tooth decay, while also helping your mouth fight harmful bacteria!


How Can You Get the Fluoride You Need?

You may not actually need to go out of your way to get enough fluoride in your diet. In fact, the benefits of fluoride for dental health, especially among children, is so clear that governments around the world add small amounts of fluoride to the drinking water in their communities. Studies have shown that these programs can reduce tooth decay in populations by as much as 40%.

While it’s not a substitute for a regular trip to the dentist, taking the extra step to ensure you’re getting enough fluoride in your diet can greatly improve your dental health. You can ask your local drinking water provider if your water source has fluoride, and you can switch to a fluoride toothpaste!


Learn More About How Fluoride Can Improve Your Dental Health From Your Harlingen Dentist

There are all sorts of ways that fluoride helps to strengthen and protect your teeth, and now you know where to find it: everywhere! Chances are you’re already getting enough fluoride, either through your diet, drinking water, toothpaste, or a combination of the three.

Still, fluoride can only do so much to improve your dental health! That’s why it’s still important to schedule your regular dental check-up and cleaning at WhiteWing Dental. Whether you’re here for a root canal, cosmetic dentistry, or a simple dental cleaning, our team is here to help! 


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