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Don’t Get Tricked! 7 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Safe From Halloween Candy!

When you hear your doorbell ring on Halloween, dental health is probably the last thing on your mind! With all those kids in fun costumes yelling “trick or treat!”, your focus is on their smiling faces as you hand out their favorite candy. You might even sneak a few pieces for yourself!

And then, boo! All that sugary candy has come to haunt you by sticking to your teeth and making it hard to get them clean. But that doesn’t mean you have to rule out Halloween candy completely! With your McAllen family dentist by your side, you can have your candy and keep your teeth and gums healthy!

1. Enjoy your Halloween Sweets in Moderation!

The saying goes, “everything in moderation;” the same applies to those sugary Halloween candies! It may be tempting to keep eating while holding onto a big bag of sugar, but limiting yourself to one or two pieces can help keep scary cavities away! 

2. Sticky and Sour Treats Aren’t Friends! 

The extremely sticky or sour sweets are some of the all-time favorites when it comes to Halloween candy! Sadly, these choices can easily get stuck between your teeth and along the gum line, causing cavities. They’re also hard to chew, which could cause you to bite down wrong! Trade these in for a less sticky alternative!

3. Choose Healthier Halloween Candy! 

Sometimes avoiding sugar altogether on Halloween just isn’t possible! It’s possible to have some candy and keep your teeth safe from cavities. You can try swapping your holiday sweets for healthier options such as dark chocolate or sugar-free gum! 

4. Don’t Substitute Candy as a Halloween Snack! 

While rushing from parties or trick-or-treating, there are usually buckets of candy everywhere you go! You may get hungry with all that running around, but eating candy as a snack is only helping those cavities sink in! Scare off cavities by eating healthy foods like apples or carrots before or after a piece of candy. 

5. Flush the Cavity Monsters Away With More Water!

To get rid of the annoying cavity-causing bacteria, drink more water! After eating a piece of sugary goodness, bad bacteria like to stick around in your mouth, but water can help wash them away. So after enjoying your Halloween treat, drink some water to flush those bacteria monsters away! 

6. Brush and Floss the Ghouls Away!

As your Halloween night comes to an end, you can floss and brush to get rid of those pesky sugars that are trying to hang onto your teeth. Clean out all the monsters hanging around, and don’t forget to brush your tongue, plus the front, the back, and the biting surface of your teeth!

7. Visit WhiteWing Dental to Fight the Cavities!

After a night of Halloween fun, you can fight off cavities with a dental cleaning at WhiteWing Dental! Sugar likes to hide in all the tough-to-reach spots, and our experienced dental team can help keep your teeth safe from the goblins! Put your fears aside and win a treat this year — healthy and shiny teeth!  

Fight off scary cavities this Halloween by scheduling an appointment at WhiteWing Dental today!

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