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Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth?

Drinking water will always be good for you, your teeth, and your gums. Drinking water really helps your teeth stay healthy, along with regular brushing and flossing. It’s one of the best ways to prevent cavities and gum disease. 

Every human body is made up of 60% water and the average adult should drink eight to 13 cups of water every day. Drinking water with fluoride is a simple and effective way of preventing cavities and providing the support your teeth need. 

These may seem like crazy claims, but today, your friendly dentists at WhiteWing Dental in McAllen, TX, will break down the benefits of drinking water when it comes to your oral health. 

Strengthen Your Smile

The enamel layering the top of your teeth is the hardest substance in the human body – even harder than bone. Enamel is 96% mineral, so if you don’t care for it, acidic foods and drinks can quickly soften and corrode it. This lowers your teeth’s defense and increases the chances of cavities.

To protect your teeth and enamel from this fate, drinking fluoridated tap water is a great habit. Why fluoridated water? Water goes through a process called remineralization, which adds fluoride and helps harden your enamel. This makes it more difficult for your enamel to be eroded and for cavities to form. 

Restore Your Grin

Not only do you need minerals in your water to prevent damage, but also to fix it. Remineralizing your enamel is possible by drinking fluoride-rich water, and just water in general. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should drink water with an excessive amount of fluoride or drink tap water all the time, but minerals in your water will always be beneficial to your teeth.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Drinking water is good for your teeth because it keeps your mouth clean! Our mouths collect bacteria easily throughout the day. By drinking water, we can rinse away harmful bacteria, food debris, fight cavities, and prevent gum disease. 

Plaque has a hard time building up in a clean, hydrated mouth. As previously mentioned, acids from plaque, food, and beverages can deteriorate your tooth enamel. However, drinking water dilutes acids to help protect your teeth. 

Drinking enough water during the day and after eating can help cleanse your palate, teeth, and breath, from leftovers. These leftovers might cause stains and produce bacteria that causes bad breath. 

The more water you drink, the brighter your smile will be.

Hydrate Your Mouth

Dehydration is quickly noticeable in our mouths. If we do not consume the amount of water our bodies need, our mouths would start feeling parched.

On the other hand, the condition known as dry mouth is a natural “fight-or-flight” survival reaction from our body to stressful situations. Regardless, if you encounter yourself suffering from dry mouth on a regular basis, it is best to talk to a dentist or medical professional. They will be able to find the underlying cause of your dry mouth or prescribe medications or products to help.

Drinking a healthy amount of water on a daily basis can reduce the likelihood of a dry mouth. Saliva requires you to consume enough water in order to be produced. Saliva is extremely important as it helps wash away harmful bacteria and acids when you are not actively drinking water. Keep a water bottle nearby and sip throughout the day to keep your mouth moist.

Don’t let dry mouth and cavities take away your smile, visit your McAllen dentist at WhiteWing Dental to give your teeth the restoration and cleaning they need.

These are only a few benefits from drinking water, and this is only when referring to your dental health. Consuming the proper amount of water not only will keep your pearly whites stay beautiful and strong, but will also improve your overall health. 

If you think you may be suffering from dry mouth or cavities, your team of McAllen dentists at WhiteWing Dental will always be here to help you restore that gorgeous smile of yours.

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