Special-Needs Children Dentistry

Dental Services for Children With Special Needs

Visiting a traditional dentist can be an overwhelming experience for children with autism, down syndrome, attention deficit disorder, or other health or developmental difficulties. At WhiteWing Dental, we take great pride in being a family dentistry that is able to provide services to patients of all ages and from all backgrounds. Our team understands that your children are the light of your life and what a blessing it is to love, nurture, and protect them. 

Dentist visits can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Get your child the care they need in setting that supports their needs: WhiteWing Dental.


Treating Kids With a Gentle Touch

Our team of associates and dentists in McAllen have years of experience working with special needs children. We are extremely patient, understanding, and will work diligently to treat your child with the personalized care and compassion they deserve. Every member of our team is trained to be welcoming and friendly in order to ease a child’s fears about visiting the dentist while making the experience as positive, fun, and rewarding as possible.

Our McAllen dentists are also certified in various levels of sedation and are able to perform many dental procedures with intravenous (IV) sedation, oral sedation, or nitrous oxide for optimal patient comfort. When necessary, procedures can even be done at a local hospital. Our comprehensive treatment plans include diagnosis and treatment of a full spectrum of dental conditions to help your little one achieve and maintain a lifelong healthy and gorgeous smile.

For more information or to schedule your child’s appointment, contact WhiteWing Dental at (956) 686-5577 today.

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