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Can My Dental Health Affect My Career?

Oral health can play a big role in your life, and your career is no exception. Unfortunately, misconceptions can be made about you based on the condition of your teeth, and you may have trouble finding or keeping a job if your dental hygiene isn’t up to date. 

Don’t lose hope — cosmetic and general dentistry can help improve the appearance and health of your teeth so you can showcase your best smile. The experienced team at your McAllen general dentistry office is available to help you get the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Keep reading to learn more about how your oral health can affect your career.

False Perceptions of Poor Dental Hygiene 

Your smile is usually the first thing others notice, but you may be judged when that smile isn’t perfect. Unfortunately, even the villains in cartoon movies are commonly seen with missing teeth, or characters with buck teeth are viewed as ignorant. The way cultures have historically viewed people with poor dental health are inaccurate and unfair, but they can still have an effect on our everyday lives. 

Despite the fact that dental health and a person’s character are unrelated, poor dental health is often seen as a sign of laziness, unintelligence, negligence, or a lack of awareness.

Negative Impacts of Poor Dental Health

Poor oral health can affect the way you are viewed by your employers and coworkers. Smiling less, or smiling with crooked, chipped, or missing teeth can cause others to form false opinions about you. This can unfortunately cause a variety of difficulties for those with poor dental health:

  • Customer-Facing Positions Customer service employers may be less likely to hire those with poor teeth because personal interaction is a key aspect of the job, and the employer may feel inaccurate perceptions could hurt their business. 
  • Company Misrepresentation Employers know that their workers represent their business, and they may worry that a worker with poor dental health could misrepresent their company and negatively impact their business.
  • Oral Pain Unfortunately, employees who lack necessary dental health care access may also experience oral pain more often than others, which may lead to more sick days.
  • Physical HealthPoor oral health can have an affect on your overall physical health, as well. This includes increasing your risk for cardiovascular disease and infections, which may also cause you to miss work.

 Your health should always be prioritized above your work, but failing to take care of your health can affect more than just your body. Remember that having poor dental health doesn’t make you a bad or worse person, but caring for your dental health could improve your life.

Positive Impacts of Good Dental Health

Good dental health can have tremendous benefits for your life, and that includes your career. Avoiding infections, reducing health risks, and decreasing bad oral odor are just some ways your career can be positively impacted:

  • Improved social interaction
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Approachable appearance
  • Improved productivity

Even if you’re already excelling at work, it’s important to take the time to care for your teeth. You might find that your career sees even more improvement as a result.

Cosmetic and General Dentistry Can Help Open Opportunities

While we shouldn’t be quick to judge others based on their oral health, it’s an unfortunate reality that poor dental health may affect your job prospects. 

Our outstanding and experienced team of dentists at WhiteWing Dental is here to help you achieve excellent oral health! Not only can cosmetic and general dentistry help you in your pursuit of career advancement, but it can improve your overall physical health, too!

If you’re struggling with poor dental health, let WhiteWing Dental help you acheive a bright and healthy smile today!

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