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August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day!

From the 4th of July through labor day, the summer season is known for its numerous national holidays and events, and now that we are nearing the end of August, what many may not know is that there is a very special holiday that is coming up that is celebrated widely by both the dental community and young children alike.

If your child just so happens to have a loose tooth ready to fall, Saturday, August 22nd would be the perfect day for the tooth fairy to make a visit and switch out their itty-bitty tooth for a small prize. 

August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day, and the McAllen family dentist of WhiteWing Dental has some bright ideas on how you and your children can celebrate.

Fun Facts About the Tooth Fairy 

The idea of the tooth fairy switching loose teeth for small tokens can be traced back all the way to early medieval Europe. However, the adoption of the actual tooth fairy figure started within the early 1920s through the use of health care public service announcements aimed at children in the United States.

The earliest documented adaptation of the tooth fairy actually stems from a children’s theater production written by Esther Watkins Arnold in a short, 8-page playlet. Additionally, around the same time period, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator and author behind Sherlock Holmes, released two photographs that offered “clear evidence” that the tooth fairy was, in fact real! 

While there have been many different versions and adaptations of the tooth fairy in children’s media, the first big-screen feature film “The Tooth Fairy” came in 2010 with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the lead role!

Excitingly enough, National Tooth Fairy is observed TWICE a year, once on February 28th and the other on August 22nd.

Great Tooth Fairy-Related Activities You Can Do At Home!

While your child’s loose tooth may not be ready to drop on the exact date, there are still plenty of ways that you and your children can keep the spirit of the tooth fairy alive during National Tooth Fairy Day. 

1. Watch tooth fairy-related shows or movies

With so many streaming services and options nowadays, the odds of finding family friendly, tooth fairy-related content are endless! Most notably, the most popular movies are “The Tooth Fairy” (2010) and “Rise of the Guardians” (2012)

Additionally, old folktales and fairytale books can always be a good way to expand your child’s imagination.

2. Get artsy with DIY arts and crafts

If there is an activity that can best help you bond with your children, it would be through arts and crafts. National Tooth Fairy Day can provide a perfect opportunity to come up with some creative, DIY art pieces that can be worth a million smiles. 

Sit down with your children and try to make some macaroni art or bedazzle their toothbrush, and if you’ve got the talent for it, try sewing up a customized pillow of our fairy friend!

3. Educate your kids about maintaining proper oral health 

While this day is a perfect excuse to celebrate, you can’t forget about the primary focus of what the tooth fairy represents. Teaching your children how to appreciate their teeth and the proper oral health habits it takes to keep them in great shape is vital now, in the future, and beyond.

The earlier you can educate them about maintaining healthy, bright teeth, the better their habits will develop over time! Additionally, maintaining a proper and healthy diet filled with nutritious foods and greens can serve tremendous benefits for their oral health in the long run!

4. Leave them a little surprise when they fall asleep

Even if your children don’t have loose teeth to give to the tooth fairy on National Tooth Fairy Day, it does not mean that our little friend can’t reward them with a little something!

Maybe the tooth fairy can make a spontaneous stop at your house, leaving a brand new toothbrush, a pack of floss, or a dollar or two for your children to keep them encouraged to practice better teeth-cleaning habits!

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