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WhiteWing Dental was built with 2 simple goals as our foundation: providing top-quality dentistry services to families and making sure all of our patients leave with a smile. 

Seems simple enough right? It is when you offer meaningful customer care like our McAllen dentists.

Sure, we have all the latest technology and the certifications to go along with it; we offer everything from general dentistry services to sedation dentistry and dental services for special needs patients. But what we really pride ourselves on is making families feel at home the moment they step through our doors.

At WhiteWing, we truly care about our patients, and we want to increase your quality of life by improving your dental health. Families from all over the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and even Corpus Christi, love our McAllen dentists because of our dedication to quality care.

Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself with a visit to your McAllen family dentists.

State-of-the-Art Technology for a Show-Stopping Smile

As your dedicated oral health care professionals, we know that it’s extremely important to be up-to-date with the latest in dental technology. This technology helps us continuously improve our practice and the services that it offers. To that end, we’re excited to present to you one of our latest, state-of-the-art CBCT scanners: the KaVo Orthopantomograph OP 3D.

With this innovative piece of equipment, our McAllen dentists are now able to take high-definition x-rays of your teeth, jaw bone, nerve pathways, and soft tissues in your mouth, all at once.

In comparison to standard CT or traditional X-ray scans, cone-beam technology is completely painless and does not expose the patient to harmful radiation or side effects. The process is relatively short, simple, and is done in-house. The patient sits down in the OP 3D, at which point a 360-degree rotation image around the patient’s mouth will be captured. Multiple images will be taken of your teeth, and the final results are ready within a couple of minutes.

Beyond just being more convenient and less harmful, the KaVo Orthopantomograph OP 3D gives our dentists several significant capabilities, allowing us to better serve you:

  1. Analyze your bone and tissues with precision to detect any possible tumors, fractures, or cysts
  2. Accurately determine if dental implant placements are needed
  3. Properly diagnose any potential dental diseases or disorders
  4. Access valuable information needed to create multiple treatment options for your impacted teeth

At WhiteWing Dental, we take your oral health seriously. The cost of investing in the newest technology in order to provide you with the best dental care possible is one that we’d happily pay, time and time again.

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