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6 Ways to Keep Up With Your Oral Health This Summer

Summer is finally here, and pool parties, BBQs, and fun in the sun are all on the family agenda. While rest and relaxation may be a priority this summer, your McAllen dentists at WhiteWing Dental want to make sure everyone in your family has a brighter smile by the time school rolls back around.

Along with a little planning and preventative care over the summer, a visit to the dentist can do wonders in preserving your family’s oral health and treating dental emergencies that can arise.

Throughout our years of experience, we have come up with six ways that can keep you and your children’s teeth bright and healthy, both during the summer and in preparation of the new school year.

  1. Schedule a Checkup or Cleaning

In between vacations and pool parties over the summer, kids have plenty of time on their hands. A dental checkup and cleaning are a perfect way to fill out one of those gaps in time.

But if your children need braces installed or other types of cosmetic procedures, the summer break also provides ample amounts of time to get over the initial adjustment period before the next school year starts.

To accommodate for you, your children, and your schedule, WhiteWing Dental is here for all of your dental needs. We can help space out and schedule dental appointments and procedures that work best for you and your children, all in one phone call.

  1. Practice Preventative Routines and Maintenance

Ensuring that our children keep up with good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing twice a day starts at home. Supervised dental hygiene practices are a great way to make sure that they are properly taking care of their teeth and gums, and summertime gives parents plenty of time to go over proper brushing technique.

Of course at WhiteWing Dental, our dentists and dental hygienists have a number of suggestions and techniques that you and your children can use at home to clear out all of the bad bacteria that cause plaque from your teeth, which if left alone can cause cavities.

More importantly, developing a daily oral routine also helps prevent periodontal diseases like gingivitis from forming as well, keeping you and your children’s gums, teeth, and jaw in good shape.

  1. Limit Sugary and Other Tooth-Decaying Snacks

From ice cream to popsicles and smores, most of us are going to enjoy the traditional snacks and treats of summer, but a little moderation will go a long way in keeping our teeth healthy and bright.

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria that erode the tooth enamel covering and protecting our teeth. Once the enamel wears off, it can lead to all kinds of infections and diseases long after summer is over. Moderation is key along with regular brushing and flossing.

  1. Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

Besides moderation, parents can take more positive steps to keep their family’s oral health safe and sound simply by stocking up on healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables. Foods like carrots and celery contain vitamins that actually make our teeth healthier. In fact, celery can act as nature’s floss, cleaning in between your teeth while you chew.

Keep fruits and vegetables washed and easily available in little baggies so that your children aren’t tempted to reach out for soda and cookies. However, be careful of dried fruits which tend to be high in sugar.

  1. Buy New Toothbrushes

Children that are off on exciting adventures during the summer may forget to take their toothbrushes with them. Othertimes, they may forget to bring them back.

Buying a travel toothbrush featuring their favorite characters not only encourages them to take care of their teeth while they are away, but it may also help remind them to pack it when they return home.

If they leave it behind, they will still have a toothbrush at home. Be sure, however, to change out their toothbrush every 3 to 4 months as the bristles begin to wear down. Poor bristle condition can decrease the toothbrush’s effectiveness.

  1. Know What to Do In Case of a Dental Emergency

No matter how careful we are, summer can bring up unexpected accidents that can chip and/or knock out teeth. Should this happen, stay calm and be prepared.

Have cold packs handy to treat any swelling, and use gauze to stop bleeding until you can get to a McAllen dentist for proper treatment. If you are outside of town, however, don’t fret. A simple Google search can list all of the local dentists in the area that you are vacationing in who can help you or your child should a dental emergency arise.

Summertime fun should include keeping those pearly whites safe.

Summer is a great time for families to kick back and enjoy the fun and sun before getting back to their regular routines. Just remember that some routines are not meant to go on vacation, and dental hygiene and oral health habits are routines that need to be maintained year-round.

Don’t wait until a cavity pops up or a chipped tooth off the diving board requires an emergency visit to WhiteWing Dental. Keep brushing and flossing daily, and find healthy ways to limit sugary snacks that can cause tooth decay.

Contact us at (956) 686-5577 to schedule an oral examination and teeth cleaning with our best dentists in McAllen today.