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5 Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy During Summertime

Summertime is finally here and it’s sure to be filled with new and exciting adventures for kids! But even in the middle of busy summer plans, dental health should always be a top priority. Summer is also a great time to see your dentist since school won’t get in the way of scheduling.

This summer, high-quality child dental care is available just around the corner! Your local La Feria dentist would love to help you protect your child’s dental health, so we’ve gathered five helpful hints for keeping your kids’ teeth healthy in the summertime!

1. Keep a Routine

Routines are great for kids. When kids know what to expect every day, they can get into the habit of following their schedule without reminders. Establish a routine for your kids to brush and floss their teeth in the morning and evening. Maybe you can add in a song or set an alarm so each child can remember to say, “Oh! It’s time to brush my teeth!” 

2. Pick Up a New Toothbrush

Brushing and flossing every day can feel like a chore for kids. You can help kids form healthy dental habits while they’re young by making brush-time fun! Letting your kids pick out a new toothbrush with their favorite character is just one example of how you can make the experience just a little more fun! It doesn’t cost much more than a regular toothbrush, and just think of all the stress it will save you if they will brush their teeth without having to argue!

 3. Go Easy on the Sweets

It’s a no-brainer that candy and sweets are a huge favorite for most kids! Still, it isn’t good for your dental health to eat tons of candy every day. When sugar is mixed with the acid in your mouth, it creates bacteria that are known to cause cavities. 

Since sugar isn’t the greatest thing for kids’ teeth, you may want to find some healthy snacks that your kids can chow down on this summer! You might try fruits, frozen yogurt, or smoothies. Each of these is a good healthy snack that can help keep kids cool in summer while keeping their teeth safe.

 4. Stay Hydrated

When kids are outdoors running around in the hot sun, they may be thirsty for sugary drinks instead of water. However, hydrating with water not only helps kids’ bodies but also aids their oral health. Water helps keep unwanted bacteria from lingering on kids’ teeth. Sometimes, kids don’t want to drink water, but getting them a fun new water bottle for summer can help them have fun and drink more water this summer!

5. Schedule Dental Appointments

Since most families have summer plans and vacations, dental offices aren’t always as busy during the summer compared to the school year. This makes summer a great time for you to squeeze in those appointments for your child’s dental care! Scheduling dental appointments during the summertime can also help you and your kids avoid the stress of missing school days or having to make-up assignments.

Enjoy Your Summer With a Visit to WhiteWing Dental!

Summertime is a great time for kids to enjoy the fun parts of life, but dental care is still important, even in summer. Whether your child needs routine care or their regular cleaning, WhiteWing Dental is here, ready to help!

Our compassionate care team is great with kids, and we look forward to seeing your family this summer! 

Get back to enjoying summer by letting WhiteWing Dental take care of your family’s oral health needs!

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