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5 Dental Safety Tips to Survive the Summer

Summer can be an exciting time for parents and children alike. It’s the season of vacations, summertime friendships, sports, and deliciously cold treats.Luckily, we here at family dentistry WhiteWing Dental in North McAllen, have devised this list of tips you can use to keep those pearly whites perfect, in place, and chip-free this summer.

  1. Gear Up!

What better way to protect your teeth from chipping or getting knocked out than with a sports mouth guard? Many of our favorite sports players don’t wear them as a fashion statement. They wear them as a safety precaution and we should too.

Aside from protecting your teeth, mouth, and jaws, a custom sports mouth guard can help reduce the risk of a concussion.

But mouthguards aren’t the only protection you should consider this summer if your child is involved in sports or other physical activities. Is little Adrian off to go biking with his buddies? Strap on a helmet that secures both the crown of his head and his jaw, preferably with a mouth guard as well.

Always keep in mind, whether as an adult or child, dental sports injuries can easily occur and it’s important to protect your teeth when participating in any sort of sport.

  1. Try Other Types of Sports

Of course, sports isn’t limited to just contact sports like basketball, baseball, or football. Swimming can be safe on your teeth so long as you abide by all of the pool rules. That means no diving in the shallow end!

Just can’t get enough of football, though? Try flag football. By removing the tackling aspect of the game, you still keep the competitiveness of the game but remove the risk of busting your braces because “Jerry” likes to tackle you at full speed.

However, if you are really worth your grit, Four Square can give you that rush of physical competition that you crave. Just beware when your opponent serves up a “Tiny Tim”. The last thing you’d want is to lose a crown because you were too close to the serve.

Now you might be saying, “Flag football and Four Square is fun and all, but I’m looking for something a little more unconventional.”

The world of eSports, short for electronic sports, is rapidly expanding. Thousands of game titles—many kid friendly, others not so much—are available and offer fun and exciting team gameplay right out of the box, all in the safety of your living room. That’s right, video games can be a sport too!

  1. Limit Sugary Drinks and Snacks

It’s no secret that sugary drinks like sodas and juices ruin your teeth by weakening the enamel. Water will quench your thirst from the hot Texas sun, hydrate you, and won’t ruin your teeth.

That goes the same for sweet and unhealthy snacks. During the summertime, parents and children alike often become a little more relaxed with their diets. WhiteWing Dental would like to remind you to eat starchy snacks like chips, cookies, and gummy worms in moderation. Instead, pack fresh fruits and vegetables, like baby carrots, whenever you take a trip around town.

  1. Icebreakers

Summertime in the McAllen metro area can be a bit warm, to say the least. That means you might get tempted to enjoy yourself a nice cup of ice to munch on. But one wrong bite can cause some serious damage to your teeth.

Be aware that ice can break, crack, and even chip your smile. While you don’t have to completely avoid ice, consider blending it in with your favorite beverages (think smoothie) to keep cool this summer.

  1. Keep Regular Check Ups With WhiteWing Dental

As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention solves a pound of problems.”

Mouth injuries and costly dental repair can be avoided by using these simple tips, but peace of mind can be achieved by visiting our more than qualified and friendly dentists at WhiteWing Dental in North McAllen before the summer hits its peak.

Contact us today at (956) 686-5577 to schedule a visit with your WhiteWing Dental dentist today!

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