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4 Ways to Protect Your Braces During Your Holiday Travels!

Whether you’re traveling home or exploring a new place this holiday season, don’t forget about your braces! In the midst of a hectic schedule of buying Christmas gifts, planning holiday travels, or packing last-minute items, make sure you have a plan for your braces in place.

If you’ve taken care of your braces so far, it’s probably become a solid habit! But sometimes, when we’re on vacation, we forget things at home or think that protecting our braces can take a break too. 

To get the results you want from your braces and for healthy teeth, your McAllen dentist suggests you keep up with your dental routine — even on vacation. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your braces while traveling this holiday season. 

1. Bring Tooth-Friendly Snacks!

You’re probably already used to eating softer foods and avoiding anything too sticky and crunchy. Protect your braces while traveling by doing the same on your trip. But depending on where you’re going, when, and how, you may not find too many options. For example, if you’re flying a red-eye flight, you might be limited to only one open shop with crunchy granola bars. 

Be prepared for your holiday travels by packing some soft foods in convenient and ready-to-eat packages! Cheese sticks, yogurt, apple sauce, bananas, and even oatmeal are quick and easy to eat.

Make sure to pack your water bottle! You’ll need it to rinse your mouth often to keep food and bacteria from sticking to your braces. 

2. Don’t Forget to Pack the Essentials!

You can’t keep up with your dental cleaning routine if you forget the essentials! Make a list of what you use, like your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and dental picks, so you don’t forget what to pack. For extra convenience, keep them all organized in one pouch. If you’re flying, it’s also a good idea to pack extras in your carry-on bag in case you miss a flight or get delayed. 

3. Be Ready for An Emergency!

Accidents happen, and you don’t want to be caught with a toothache, broken wire, or stuck food without a plan. Pack a small emergency kit specifically for your braces or Invisaligns! 

  • Mouthguard – If you plan to do some winter activities like snowboarding or sledding on your trip, you can protect your braces by wearing a mouthguard.
  • Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers – Include some over-the-counter pain relievers in your emergency kit in case of a toothache. 
  • Dental Wax – To be prepared for a broken wire, pack some dental wax to protect your mouth from the wire’s pointy end.
  • Small Hand-Held Mirror – You can also pack a small hand-held mirror to help you see any food stuck in your braces.

Before leaving on your trip, pick an orthodontist at your destination that offers emergency visits and accepts your insurance. Having a plan can save you time and stress in an emergency.  

4. Get a Quick Check-up at WhiteWing Dental!

You just can’t wait to start your holiday vacation, and you’ve got just about everything packed for your trip! But before you go, there’s one last thing you can do to protect your braces — come into your McAllen general dentist for a check-up!

Before you leave for your holiday travels, a quick trip to the dentist could save you from an emergency. Your dental team will check for any broken or loose wires, make sure your teeth are healthy, and make any needed adjustments to your braces. You could also get an in-office teeth whitening treatment while you’re at it! Keep smiling this holiday season with WhiteWing Dental!

Got somewhere to be this holiday season? Come into WhiteWing Dental for a quick braces check-up before starting your holiday vacation! 


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