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4 Chilling Tips to Keep Your Teeth White as Bones This Halloween

Halloween is all about having a spooky good time and letting that inner-goblin out, if only for one night. From creative costumes to hanging out with friends and family, sharing scary stories and eating plenty of sweets, the holiday can definitely be a blast. 

But the only thing spookier than knocking on a haunted house is the risk of getting a cavity from eating all those candies. That’s why your reliable La Feria family dentist here at WhiteWing Dental is ready to lend a hand! 

Here are 4 hauntingly awesome ways that you can prevent cavities and other dental complications during the Halloween season (and moving forward).   

1. Avoid creepy candies.

Although candies are tasty and OK to indulge in every so often, a huge culprit of cavities and dental complications are the various types that can stick to your teeth, are extremely sour or are challenging to chew.

Try to limit the consumption of candies such as taffies, caramels, sour gummies, lollipops, sticky candy bars and other similar candies that contain sugar-filled, tooth-adhering components. 

2. Incorporate dental-friendly candies when trick-or-treating! 

Trick-or-treating is a fun way to see amazing costumes, spend time with loved ones and get a few delicious treats. While it is safe to assume that most candies are hazardous for your dental health, some can be considered to be a little “better” than others.  

The best candy to enjoy is dark chocolate because of its content. It generally has antioxidants and a few other components which are good for your health. Plus, real dark chocolate doesn’t have the same level of processed sugar as milk chocolate candies, meaning it won’t stick to your teeth and hurt them as much. 

In addition to eating dark chocolate, sugar-free gum – particularly with the added ingredient of xylitol – is an excellent choice when searching for a sweet to enjoy. Xylitol is a sugar-free sweetener that actually helps fight off harmful bacteria that might build up in your mouth, while the chewing of gum promotes saliva production. Saliva production is extremely important in general dental health because your saliva naturally washes away the debris and sugars that might be attached to the crevices of your teeth. 

3. Practice protective measures that will scare cavities away.

Although we mentioned previously that saliva is a natural washing agent, sticky, hard and sour candies are far more adhesive and difficult to remove from the surface of your teeth. Practicing preventative measures, such as brushing and flossing after enjoying treats or even simply drinking water after eating a piece of candy, can really make a difference in the overall health of your mouth.

Regular flossing, brushing for at least two minutes twice a day and using mouthwash, especially after a fun night of trick-or-treating, is an important routine to maintain in order to make sure your dental health is where it should be. 

4. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Frankenstein (just kidding).

Scheduling an appointment with your dentist for a six-month cleaning is important to keep up with your dental health and to also prevent long-term damage as a result of adhesive, pesky sugars that might be lurking in the shadows (of your mouth). 

The best tip we can offer to keep your family’s smile healthy during Halloween is to visit our WhiteWing Dental office in La Feria. Our La Feria family dentists have the experience and skills to frighten those cavities away. 

 Contact us today at (956) 797-3131 to schedule an appointment.


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